to go or not to go?

“are you sure you want to be induced?”

“it’s pretty painful, that’s for sure”

“most people don’t get induced if they don’t plan on taking epidural”

“why don’t you just wait it out?”

at the mo, i feel like a pendulum in between the moving pendulums. you know, the ones in between the two corner ones that swing up and down?

i’ve been told, some methods of inducing the labour naturally. so far, the list goes on as so:

  • a whole lot of walking
  • intercourse
  • spicy food
  • pineapple
  • durian
  • a long hot bath

all in all, i’ve tried it all, and i’d have to say that having durian and spicy food in the evening for a person who experiences extreme heartburn is a definite no-no.

pineapples? they grate my tongue to no tomorrow! definitely can’t go on with that.

so far, i’ve got two days left until my inducement date. most of my family members are suggesting that i pass and wait for baby to come out naturally, because lots of people are stating that most cases of inducements lead to cesarean cases.

my mother had suggested that we go consult with another gynae from another hospital, just to be safe and for a second opinion- and so we did.

headed over to sjmc (where i was born, ha ha). funny, the fact that when they asked if i had any records with them, i said no, but when they checked, they said yes. so now we know, hospital baby records are legit forever.

anyway. met with a gynae and i’d explained to her about the whole inducement confusion and doubts we had about it. she simply brushed it off, going, “why would a doctor suggest you be induced if he or she doesn’t think you already can be?”. well. we went on by explaining that some people mentioned about 90% inducement cases leads to an emergency cesarean- a statement which she had also denied fact of.

“do you think it’s logical that we suggest inducement to 100 patients, knowing that 90 of them would end up being cesarean patients? might as well we suggest them directly for a c-section instead of going through the inducement hassle, kan?”

that sort of sunk into our brains.

“by the time your doctor wants to induce you, you’ll already be matang (ripe). however it’s very painful. inducing is very painful, yes, but as your doctor had suggested, if you go on with it, there’s a high percentage that yes, it would be successful. it’s safe- but if you decide to wait your baby out, it’s also safe. the only cons of it is that you don’t have your own doctor delivering you since she’ll be on leave. if you ask me, i lagi lah, i’ll be away until the 20th, and i told my early-september patients to have them induced, or if they’re not ready, they need to be fine with another doctor delivering them. as simple as that”

i looked out the window, feeling even worst.

so at the mo, it’s a safe and safe option to both be induced, and to wait the baby out.

also, i’m already 1cm dilated. wow.

when i came back to tell my sister about it, she widened her eyes.

“i was 1cm dilated the same day i gave birth to zulaikha!” she mentioned in a jolly manner.

“not sure whether she was already engaged though, but my doctor told me to walk around for hours, and there would be a possibility that the cervix would already open a whole lot more by then, enough to have the baby drop low enough to trigger labour.

and so i did as i was told! i walked around ikea and curve, had great pancake which had a scoop of beautiful ice cream to top it off with, walk around some more for hours! i came back to a waterbag that’d teared up that very night itself!

so why don’t you try walking it out today?”

you have no idea how tempted i felt, and you have no idea how friggin geared up i am at this point of time, to just get my walking shoes on (ah, if i could still fit them, i would, but i’d stick to the non-swollen sandal method for now) and walk my way into labour.

that’s exactly what i’m going to do after i have this posted up.

inshaaAllah, if all goes well?

if nothing happens, then i really gotta istikharah.

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