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here’s a little sad story from a struggling mommy

bringing you back to 2018, way before my son was able to roam around freely. i went to my first trip to indonesia (bali, to be specific) as part of the hujan entourage (gittew) for soundrenaline. bare in mind that … Continue reading

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on the contrary,

approaching 2018 last year, things were somewhat different. on new year’s eve while waiting for the countdown on tv, my mind wasn’t as organized as how it is now. i could actually say that my organizing skills have improved dramatically, … Continue reading

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dah pantang memantang: iii

bengkung? what bengkung? – four days until i’m done with pantang! however, sadly i haven’t been able to put on my bengkung for the past one week. not because i’m one of the ‘rebellious’ people who don’t like the bengkung, … Continue reading

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to go or not to go?

“are you sure you want to be induced?” “it’s pretty painful, that’s for sure” “most people don’t get induced if they don’t plan on taking epidural” “why don’t you just wait it out?” – at the mo, i feel like … Continue reading

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in between

“i’ll be off during the raya haji week, so if you’d like to, i can admit you for induction this sunday” i was basically stunned by such a statement, coming out from my gynae’s mouth. “this sunday? you mean my … Continue reading

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something i wrote from when i was seventeen

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maybe it fits but it’s a tad bit.. nevermind

tell me which mother who doesn’t struggle to find the right-fitting clothes, during pregnancy. don’t get me wrong. i love my pregnancy! i love being pregnant, i love seeing myself actually big at my stomach area (because my stomach’s the … Continue reading

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zero one two, two six four,

i was performing my subuh prayer when it suddenly dawned onto me that i actually have the funniest, most supportive friends that i could never have asked for. i remembered back when i was thirteen or fourteen. it was when … Continue reading

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kurma is very good for you

  since i already let the cat out of the box, yes, i’m pregnant. when you’re young and pregnant, you’ll encounter a lot of mixed feelings about it. i’ve always wanted a baby of my own. i remember back in … Continue reading

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to the pre- &teens

you know all that, “don’t leave me” bull you always hear from people? i’ve heard it too much, and got through it too often already. okay. scratch that. perhaps not too much and not too often, but the ones i … Continue reading

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