how much further along is the road?

whuddup homies i’m still pregnant.

ha ha.

i decided to pass being induced. don’t think i could stand the pain of being induced, for a first time mommy. i’d rather have myself experiencing the natural gradual process of 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 pain scale of contracting baby out, than feeling a whole 10/10 at one go.

of course, the choice of inducing would have to return if baby sadly decides that my womb’s a comfy-enough world for baby to live in (ye, comfy for you, not comfy for mama, pls ah).

so here i am, still pregnant.

i’ve outgrown most of my clothes. Godbless mama for having five to six of her baju kurung pahang that i could actually fit in. at least i could put something decent on for eid ul adha this year instead of skipping house-visits for the love of the huge bump.

apologies to those who have been asking me if i’m doing alright or if i’ve delivered yet (sigh) no, i haven’t, and the pregnancy hormone’s really getting to my head, therefore, the sad feeling of receiving these messages, in which i’d later on go all, “why am i not holding my baby yet?!”- resulting in absolute ignorance towards your concerned text messages; forgive me for not replying, and trust me, i have no intentions of ignoring you. think of it this way, if i’ve popped, i would’ve excitedly shared the news with you!

but again, thank you so very much for your concern

i read somewhere that being relaxed, thinking less and being carefree totally aids a mommy-to-be in triggering labour, in a manner whereby the cervix would start effacing more and more due to the release of oxytocins triggered by my happytimes.

aside from the fact that i’m currently with my family, i too, have been spending time with my husband, walking around and eating things i feel like eating, or at least having him by my side. so far that’s been keeping me calm and happy.


*casually blasts earpod speakers, pretending i’m watching and dancing to these live*

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