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it feels better when it’s written

since my last posting, i’ve been feeling quite low. i’ve fought quite hard the first and second lockdown, but this time around it feels a tad bit too difficult. could it be that i’m Actually experiencing pandemic lethargy? perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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just like a plant

hey everyone! i’ve just recently returned from a trip up north, and had never felt refreshed! just a little summary of how life went on last year before i get some shut eye. i applied for my masters degree! i … Continue reading

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here’s a little sad story from a struggling mommy

bringing you back to 2018, way before my son was able to roam around freely. i went to my first trip to indonesia (bali, to be specific) as part of the hujan entourage (gittew) for soundrenaline. bare in mind that … Continue reading

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i think i left you guys too long

i’m back, finally, to wipe the dust off this blog. haha! can’t believe it’s been so long! it’s finally 2020 and nope, we still don’t have flying cars around. we in fact, have a battle with a deadly virus going … Continue reading

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one, two, three, four, five, six

can you believe it? my last post was back in january! it’s been seven months since i last posted, and i suppose that just goes to show how occupied i’ve been (mainly, with my little boy). my boy has been … Continue reading

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last kopek hxz 2018

on the 21st of december, we had a show at ATAS by bijanfx- a tiny showcase for those who really wanted to listen to our songs, a little sneakpeek for what to anticipate from us this 2019 ❤ wish you … Continue reading

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on the contrary,

approaching 2018 last year, things were somewhat different. on new year’s eve while waiting for the countdown on tv, my mind wasn’t as organized as how it is now. i could actually say that my organizing skills have improved dramatically, … Continue reading

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happy sixty third, my rose

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sometimes i’m so in love with my own baby i wish he’s not growing up! stay baby forever! jk.

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