in between

“i’ll be off during the raya haji week, so if you’d like to, i can admit you for induction this sunday”

i was basically stunned by such a statement, coming out from my gynae’s mouth.

“this sunday? you mean my baby’s ready?”

“yeah. your baby’s engaged, your cervix is soft, it’s just that you’re not dialating yet”

my mouth dropped, in shock. i looked over to my mother who was smiling, and over to my husband who was also smiling.

“think about it though, na, it’s going to hurt really bad,” my mother warned me.

“it’ll hurt, when your labour starts naturally it’s going to hurt the same way too. i wouldn’t usually recommend my patient to be induced if they’re not physically ready. some patients of mine even request to be induced but most of them aren’t ready and i have to say no- but in your case, high chances are that the induction will succeed,” the lady whom i believe, possesses knowledge more than any of us in the room, explained.

“i’ll admit you that night, we’ll insert a tablet to soften your cervix and hope it’d simultaneously jumpstart contractions. you’ll sleep for six to eight hours and if no contractions, we’ll get you dripped with hormones and that’s the painful part. if all else fails and you’re still not opening, we still have to deliver your baby by other means, if you get what i mean”

i took a deep breath in and exhaled.

that basically summed up my recent checkup.

currently thinking of just trying all ways that i could, to naturally induce labour instead of being medically induced.

so far i’ve tried what’s suggested by many: walking a lot, up the stairs, spicy food, eating lots of pineapple- yet still no signs of labour.

i still have a few more days to go before i have to call my doctor to confirm my induction so she could have me scheduled and so she could have things prepared. all in all, all is good.

please pray that i’d have dilated enough for baby to be able to come out before the planned induction date. with all prayers and effort, InshaaAllah.


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