just like a plant

hey everyone! i’ve just recently returned from a trip up north, and had never felt refreshed! just a little summary of how life went on last year before i get some shut eye.

i applied for my masters degree! i was honestly looking into illustration, but when i went for an interview with the recruitment officer from UAL, i was told that with my skills, i’m better suited to an MA Animation course. i was beyond excited for it honestly, but alas.. a girl could only dream of moving to the uk with her family to continue her studies in a covid world. so i decided to defer my course, and now here i am slightly panicking as i reflect back on my progress as an animator. i’m such a rusty one! i definitely need to read and watch more animated movies again.

on another note, i released my own hijab line called ZEU! you guys can check it out on zeuscarves.com. i’m honestly very happy that i decided to proceed with this together with my friend rinda. i have to admit- after raising my child, my life has been a blur and my mind especially, a little ball of tangled wires. without help, my life 24/7 revolves around my very high-spirited child. i don’t despise it, no of course not.. i do however, wish that my brain is like a piece of crumpled cloth that i could just iron out.

hani and zue released an album that i’d produced myself! consisting of 9 songs, they were all written by hani and i. we also collaborated with other artists that we’re really grateful for, and you can purchase the album along with some merchandise over at haniandzue.com

my child started school last year! we decided to stop him end of december, and are currently scouting for other kindergartens that may be much more suitable for him. let’s pray for the best.

that’s all for now. that reminds me, i have to get a lot of things done now that i’m back from a super short anniversary trip planned by my husband! alhamdulillah for everything.

may Allah forgive us all, and may Allah ease everything. amin.

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