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it feels better when it’s written

since my last posting, i’ve been feeling quite low. i’ve fought quite hard the first and second lockdown, but this time around it feels a tad bit too difficult. could it be that i’m Actually experiencing pandemic lethargy? perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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i think i left you guys too long

i’m back, finally, to wipe the dust off this blog. haha! can’t believe it’s been so long! it’s finally 2020 and nope, we still don’t have flying cars around. we in fact, have a battle with a deadly virus going … Continue reading

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apple yang berkarat

hey, ever felt like you’re so lost, like you’re not entirely sure whether or not what you’re doing is exactly what you’re meant to do? i explicitly think i’m in that state at the moment, and i don’t think i … Continue reading

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check out

ah- baby’s asleep. finally. after what seemed like a hectic playtime, the little boy’s finally resting. now it’s time to clean up, bathe, cook and do every work i’ve got left to finish up before he wakes up” — and … Continue reading

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the tiger

it was around eight fourty in the morning when i was seated at the dining table over at my parents’ house. daddy was having his breakfast, while i sat drinking a warm cup of rooibos tea. in the background, the … Continue reading

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two thousand and seventeen

you know what i honestly miss about two thousand seventeen? the freedom i had. ok. not really. contradicting statement right there because i wasn’t really free enough- technically, because i had to watch out for a baking baby inside my … Continue reading

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tak sedar diri

humans. ever noticed how there’s always something we’re not satisfied with? let’s say- one day, i feel like having a deserving serving of ‘meehun tomyam’ at secret recipe after a really tiring work session. i have ‘ngam ngam’ amount of … Continue reading

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solo ride until i dive

went to walk around today with my brother, accompanied him to get packs of instant curry katsu sauce over at paradigm’s okashi. i then remembered an e-mail i’d received from sephora regarding the birthday-month gift that i had to redeem, … Continue reading

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how much further along is the road?

whuddup homies i’m still pregnant. ha ha. – i decided to pass being induced. don’t think i could stand the pain of being induced, for a first time mommy. i’d rather have myself experiencing the natural gradual process of 1/10, … Continue reading

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in between

“i’ll be off during the raya haji week, so if you’d like to, i can admit you for induction this sunday” i was basically stunned by such a statement, coming out from my gynae’s mouth. “this sunday? you mean my … Continue reading

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