i think i left you guys too long

i’m back, finally, to wipe the dust off this blog. haha! can’t believe it’s been so long! it’s finally 2020 and nope, we still don’t have flying cars around. we in fact, have a battle with a deadly virus going on at this very moment.

can’t believe i’m actually breathing through this whole invisible war. Godwilling i’ve been given the opportunity to live through this pandemic, i’d actually be one of them who’d live to tell the tale to our future generations! my kid would even be able to tell his children about this. feels like those american movies where the kid’s grandpa lived through world war ii, still happily living in his world war ii uniform.

what a sight it’d be.

anyway, i’m back to give my future-self some updates on what’s been happening! today i received an e-mail from spotify saying that haniandzue’s songs, racun & takkan bisa, are on the Women of Malaysia playlist! in all honesty, i felt like crying. what an honour, to be added into a playlist by spotify themselves, full of amazing talented malaysian women!

Annotation 2020-04-01 171457

Annotation 2020-04-01 172244

*screams internally*

might not be a big deal for some of you, but it’s a pretty big deal for me as i produced both songs myself. i could honestly say that i feel proud of what i’ve achieved – tonnes of listeners or none, at least i’ve got a piano album done all by myself with the help of my duo partner who wrote and sing with me, an engineer who helped me with the recording, and an especially supportive husband who’s almost never exhausted from listening to me nag about when i insist the release date should be. Godbless ucop for his quick mixes too!

what piano album? this one!

Annotation 2020-04-01 172907

hope you guys would head over and listen to the piano rendition of our originals! i rearranged most of them so they’d sound different from the original tracks.

aside from that, i’ve got so many things planned and lined up for everyone this year! i’m collaborating with a super old bestfriend to release something new, and i’ve also been actively working on a few self-initiated animation projects.

may Allah ease, and may Allah ease everyone’s journey out there. my heart right now is especially with those who are struggling with the economical crisis we’re facing, and to the families who are in dire need of help :’-(

donate if you can because remember, RM2 may mean nothing to us, but i may mean a whole lot to so many families out there.

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