one, two, three, four, five, six

can you believe it? my last post was back in january! it’s been seven months since i last posted, and i suppose that just goes to show how occupied i’ve been (mainly, with my little boy).

my boy has been very entertaining recently. i could say that he’s flourished and grown, well enough for me to at least be able to tend to myself for a good five minutes. throughout the past seven months, i’ve been doing trials and errors on disciplinary methods. i experimented with giving him time outs, repetitively saying ‘no’ when he does something wrong, distracting him, and the list goes on. i found that time outs and teaching him to say sorry after leaving him alone on the high chair or a corner for a good minute or two, works best. of course, i’d have to enforce time out repeatedly for me to actually see results.

in terms of my duo, we learned so much from so many parties! it’s our final year with our label and if i could say so, we would never be able to thank them enough for providing us with so many resources, producing songs and music videos, and getting us the deals we’ve gotten so far! may Allah bless them always, for their kind hearts, creativity & patience in handling two different temperaments.

as for my family? we’ve got a teeny lil addition now as my sister’s given birth! he’s only three months old now, and he’s the only one who’s on the fluffy side! simply irresistible. can’t seem to go a day without at least thinking of him.

we went to the UK & Paris in the month of march for a holiday, by the way. imagine. bringing a little toddler along for a vacation, without any help! yes, just as you imagined, at the mention of ‘vacation’ and ‘toddler’ in one sentence, it was indeed, chaotic! however, it was a manageable chaos. we found that he falls asleep easier during vacations since he uses up most of the energy he has from all the walking, exploring and analyzing. the struggle was more on keeping him confined to his stroller! feeding him any kind of food was a breeze, so therefore, alhamdulillah, it was actually a.. sort of.. educational, holiday, for all three of us.

we went over to singapore as well, and just as how it was back in the UK trip, confining  him to one spot was the only problem throughout! i guess i’m just blessed with an active one here.

let’s see how the next half of the year will go by. Godwilling, if He grants us time to keep on redeeming ourselves until then.

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