apple yang berkarat


ever felt like you’re so lost, like you’re not entirely sure whether or not what you’re doing is exactly what you’re meant to do? i explicitly think i’m in that state at the moment, and i don’t think i like it- not one bit.

there are so many doubts being planted in my brain. sadly, by the people i actually trust. perhaps i just need to buck up my 5 times prayer- to pray once it’s time to, and to search for tranquility, the hereafter, instead of drowning myself with what’s temporary.

however, i know i can’t just simply aim for the hereafter to a point that i neglect what i should be doing in this dunia. that’s what i mean- i’m at that little corner down the road, with billions of winding roads right in front of me and all that’s left is to just choose, walk on, or stay put & rot.

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