check out

ah- baby’s asleep. finally. after what seemed like a hectic playtime, the little boy’s finally resting. now it’s time to clean up, bathe, cook and do every work i’ve got left to finish up before he wakes up”

and then i’d reach for my laptop, open the browser and begin typing out online stores’ websites, where i’d finally end up clicking the button, “check out”.

i’m guilty of this- shopping for clothes as a way to release stress. it’s actually nothing wrong, though. i need clothes for shows, for interviews, for appearances and basically for anything that requires me to look appropriate. however- it’s the storage that’s an issue!

our house is packed with clothes. i even have to keep them over at my mom’s place. my husband’s got tonnes of clothes since his youthful days, and here i am, during mine, collecting clothes myself.

i’ve been purchasing clothes, and feeling so satisfied once its arrived at my doorstep. i’d happily open the packages up, and have images of when to wear them, and what to wear them with.

i guess it’s not entirely something i should feel guilty about. after all the mothering i’m doing, i do think i deserve some time being myself, pursuing my career and walking my specific style while i’m at it, no?

what about you, what do you guys think?

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