excuse me, miss. my toy’s on the other side

hidayat drags himself around everywhere nowadays. that’s practically all he does whenever we place him anywhere around the house. of course we try our best to refrain him from crawling on carpets (basically because of his skin condition). he loves being pulled up to sit and stand, with support. i would sometimes hang his arms over my hands at knee-length, and walk him around the house- step by step. he absolutely loves it. however, he absolutely detests sitting down. still unsure whether it’s because he still has issues trying to balance himself while he’s sitting up, or whether he’s just too curious and active that he always ends up toppling as he tries to reach out for a toy (or anything he could grasp).

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.46.11 PM.png

recently he’s started having rough spots close to his mouth and nose area. i’ve been rather paranoid about it, afraid it might flare up and end up becoming another eczema case but part of me says it might just be a little rash from all his drooling.

till next time!

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