hidayat: the explorer

when people ask me, “what can your son do now?” my mind automatically makes a cartwheel, trying to recollect the things he can do in a sequential manner. what can he do now?

he’s about to enter his seventh month, and other babies should already be sitting unassisted for at least 30 or few seconds. hidayat can’t seem to sit unassisted for even ten seconds yet.

he can be on his tummy for quite a long while, fifteen to twenty minutes tops- until he starts attempting to scratch his face. he tries his best to push himself up, not really there yet but his butt’s up occasionally.

his grip is pretty extremely strong. you can’t get him out of the bath without having another person muster all their strength to open his grip, gently enough as to not cause any pain to him because i tell you, his grip is extremely strong.

he blabs. he babbles, and shrieks, but he doesn’t really talk as much. he jumps when have his feet on the ground, and i can say that he’s pretty much physically a tough baby.

i guess i can’t say his development is above average, but he’s prolly on track. alhamdulillah for that! not surprised if he starts crawling in no time.

now let’s see.. where do mommies get objects for babyproofing? hmm..

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