what’s on the menu today?

truth be told, i haven’t cooked for almost a whole year.

do you know how saddening it is, to look at all the good food people are cooking and here you are, having to eat foodpanda all day?–

just kidding! i’ve been enjoying myself. of course i miss cooking, no doubt about that but who doesn’t enjoy the delish food (with the option to feed your buds: western? malay? fusion? you name it) they’re getting everyday? i would do anything to get back to cooking, honestly (i think i may even be a little rusty, especially now that there are certain foods i’d have to refrain from cooking/eating).

“hold up- why ain’t you cookin?” you ask?

you know. the usual. baby’s a tad bit extra affectionate, hence the fact that he’s basically twenty four seven in my arms. can’t be caught dead with baby’s face smothered in flour, oil and piercing chilli stains, smelling like garlic whenever somebody comes over, no?

my baby’s a tad bit vocal (not surprised, looking at how many times i’ve been replaying bruno mars’ songs over and over again while baby was happily in my womb)- i’d like to classify him as someone who’s rather.. passionate, and firm about his wants and needs. this personality however, contributes to the fact that i may continue to never have time to cook. well, not at least until he manages to sit up by himself, stay awake much longer, soothe himself to sleep and entertain himself for at least two to three hours without getting into a fist-fight (somewhat) with me as i try to put him to sleep for a nap later on.

nonetheless, if all else fails, i’m pretty settled with having foodpanda coming to our doorstep every single day. also pretty content with the fact that we regularly head over to mama’s, so if kj’s in the picture, the foodpanda riders don’t have to keep passing by the guard post while mentioning our house number every so often (unless the guards have already succumbed to the norm of foodpanda delivering to our house by now).

also so long as my husband doesn’t mind paying for outside food (hopefully?)

let’s all pray baby hidayat manages to soothe himself, entertain himself and feels much more safer, comfortable and brave enough to sleep by himself- all at early stages; so that those dusty skillets and pans in the kitchen get to feel the warmth of my hands once again!

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