mommy-arms, represent!

ah. the magical carseat.

it’s slightly bewildering, the fact that my son only approves of napping no where else other than in anybody’s arms or, as recent studies have shown, in his maxicosi.

ag and i figured that he may categorized into the team of ‘snugcraving babies’, because we literally had rock and swing him to sleep, place him in the carseat while simultaneously rocking it, cushion the handed-down-by-my-sister carseat, fit in two bolsters beside him and place one cow-cushion that he’d got as a gift from his aqiqah on his body so he’d get a whole 360° coverage- just to stay asleep.

oh did i mention that we had to simultaneously keep rocking the seat? i did, didn’t i?

apart from that we turned on some womb-noise on youtube to keep him company. after ten minutes (or what seems to be an hour of ten minutes), his half-opened eyes would eventually shut tight.

if we’re lucky.

well so far that’s the only method that’s kept things going on well. otherwise i wouldn’t be able to even move an inch, the moment i put him down on any flat surface. of course, however, we wouldn’t leave him to sleep in his carseat throughout the night- let alone, for more than two hours. it’d prolly leave a huge impact on the development of his back.

so we’re purchasing a crib for him to sleep-train in, hopefully he’ll get the hang of it after days of going through the expected sleep-training combo pack – comes with exhaustion, frustration, shrills and shrieking cries, and an extra dose of mama-tears.

now what’s left is training him to sleep alone, throughout the night.

i mean. it’s not like we don’t enjoy sleeping with him (actually hugging him because he refuses to even be put down flat, separated from us) in our bed to a point that hugging each other feels like experiencing such rarity that of- winning the nobel prize; we love hugging him in bed, but not with the possibilities of accidentally suffocating him (hence increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome!

despite all his shrills and shrieks, he simply needs to learn to sleep by himself.

God. You’ve blessed us with the idea of using the maxicosi for naptime. Please, help us ease him into the cot to sleep at night.


signed, very desperate first-time mother.

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