blessed, are you?

some people are just really blessed, while others, aren’t as much.

remember when i mentioned in my previous post, the fact that i haven’t been feeling grateful enough? indeed, i haven’t. i’m actually putting all the blame on my hormones, haha.

some people are blessed with an easy kid to manage, while the others- god-knows-how-little-the-population-is; aren’t. i happen to fall under the difficult-baby-mommy category.

my son’s beautiful. as beautiful as he is though, he has gas problems and this simultaneously means – extra stretches of sleepless hours (for both him and i), non-stop crying and screaming (out of pain, as the gas keeps poking him in the tummy-tums) which leads to a very worried and frustrated mother, and overly excessive clingyness to me due to the fact that he doesn’t feel comfortably settled enough most of the time, to be alone by himself.

stress aside, i love clinging on to him, as how he clings on to me. however, i can’t manage to do anything at all!

as i type this, he is casually laying in a ring sling which i had to purchase out of desperation (i was previously strongly against slings, really), all snuggled up in my arm (previously, arms, before the ring sling came into the picture).

this made me wonder, how did all you mothers of difficult children (who might even have worst cases of colic? i consider my son’s colic episodes to be fairly moderate), whilst managing the house? ok perhaps you don’t manage the house and it stays a mess for the first few months yes, but how do you find time to eat? to drink? to even go to pee, when your baby insists that he does not leave your arms whenever you attempt to put him down?

let alone, mothers of the same baby kind, with extra toddlers/kids to manage?

patut lah syurga tu di bawah tapak kaki ibu. sekarang dah terlebih faham sangat. bak kata my mother, “sebab tu bila anak degil, rasa nak sepak sangat”. yup.


when he’s not fussy or crying, he’s one of the most angelic babies i’ve ever seen. his smile is as bright as the morning sun and his coos are so melodic, enough to make dew drops fall in slow-mo without using an iphone to slow-mo it.

i’ll probably get to answer my own question in the next few months. lets hope i’ll still stay sane enough by then! eep.

k he’s crying gotta go.


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