tak sedar diri


ever noticed how there’s always something we’re not satisfied with?

let’s say- one day, i feel like having a deserving serving of ‘meehun tomyam’ at secret recipe after a really tiring work session. i have ‘ngam ngam’ amount of money in my purse to pamper myself with, and i head over to secret recipe. my food’s served and just as i am about to devour my oh-so-beautiful tomyam, my eyes linger over to another customer’s suddenly mouthwatering-looking ‘grilled seabass and lobster sauce’ which costs a tad bit extra than my almost-being-scooped-into-my-mouth tomyam.

there i sit, staring blankly at my tomyam, contemplating- whether or not, that i should ask for the waiter to take my tomyam away, order the seabass instead, while i rush over to the nearest atm to take some cash out of my almost-nil savings account, just to have that mouthwatering grilled seabass and lobster sauce digested in my tummy.

knowing i would have to use part of my savings would make me upset, therefore, i end up eating my tomyam and leaving it half-eaten just because i lost my appetite after then, wanting the grilled seabass instead.

why do i have to look over at another customer’s plate? why, when i’ve already gotten what i’d wanted?

tamak haloba? greed? impatience? what?

i wish we all knew how to feel much more grateful for what we have, rather than comparing ourselves and our lifestyles with others who may have achieved much more than what we have, as of now. i wish we wouldn’t be disheartened and unhappy, just because things don’t seem to be going the way we want it to, and because things may be going on track- at a super slow pace.

sad to say, i may be one of these ungrateful people.

i’m twenty three, married, secured with a house, a husband who works, i’ve got myself a side job by making music and singing along with my friend, i’ve been blessed with a son (however tough-to-handle he may be), i’ve got a car, my family members are all supportive of me and we’re all close-knitted, my parents are the excruciatingly loving, caring and concerned; alhamdulillah.

yet here i am, looking at my friends who are with a stable job, a career that’s pretty much secured (or at least getting there, with job experience), wondering when my turn would be, to earn a stable income of my own.

what about you? what aren’t you grateful of?


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