#zueisback penang

tough game for a new mama right here.


went over to penang for a show on tuesday! it was for usm penang’s convex 2017, and in all honesty, it was pretty exhausting for a chick who was practically stuck at home for a whole month, on her bed (or just wandering inside her room, minding her really manja baby).

we were playing alongside masdo and salam music, all of us stayed over at vistana as well. however exhausting it was, though, i have to admit, it took my mind off practically all my worries for at least a brief moment so i could feel a tad bit re-energized when i came back home.

on a side note, the convex17 organizers were really good. they were really concerned with what the artists wanted and how we felt about things. really suited to our needs, so it was all in all really good!


ag picked me up from klia 2. according to my maid, baby behaved really well the whole day and night when i was away. baby was being fed by his tokma when we reached home, and it was cute how my mother went all, “tengok siapa tu? papa la” and right after, baby turned over to look at ag whilst still being fed. sigh.

.. he then refused to sleep soundly and behave as well as how he ‘supposedly’ behaved when i was away. zz. i can conclude that he’s definitely just feeling really attached to me at the mo.

wondering when he’d start feeling confident enough to sleep on his own. let’s all pray for it, inshaaAllah.

till next time!


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