dah pantang memantang: iii

bengkung? what bengkung?

four days until i’m done with pantang! however, sadly i haven’t been able to put on my bengkung for the past one week. not because i’m one of the ‘rebellious’ people who don’t like the bengkung, but because one day a week ago, a mysterious rash decided to take over the frontal area of my torso downwards.

it’s mysterious, because it only attacked the frontal area of my body (?).

been searching up online about this mysterious rash. i had my one-month checkup with my gynae and she said it’s a form of urticaria, that’d go away by itself soon. in all honesty, i believe that it’s going off but it’s leaving horrible-looking bruises/scars!

it actually started from my leg upwards and stopped at my torso. initially i thought it was triggered by a pair of wool socks that i’d been wearing quite often (because they’re super cute, black base with pink and blue stripes, hello? elok kan?). it’s quite a long pair of socks, so the day i started seeing small raised bumps covering a big area of both my shins, i thought it was sock-triggered-

until i started to see more of these similar red bumps, appearing at the frontal area of my thighs.

what?! how can these suddenly appear on my thighs if they’re sock-triggered, kan?!

so my siblings, mother and i thought it might be the param that my urut lady used on me (because she would smother it all over the frontal area of my tummy, thighs and legs). we thought it was probably too hot for my body that it decided to retaliate. either that, or my body absorbed all the heat from it and the accumulation was too much for my weak body to take in to a point that my autoimmune system became all topsy turvy and decided to attack itself, causing the unwanted blood-vessel inflammation (which itches and burns/stings like c r a y when the weather/temperature gets too hot, or when something grazes against the inflamed area).

the raised bumps would become bigger, move to form a huge lump of raised bump that would swell, and later on becoming coarse, then it’d flatten or die out- still itching and burning when it gets too hot, still hot to touch; but as it gets better, it leaves the affected skin area looking really hyper-pigmentated.

what is this m y s t e r y  r a s h ?

i also thought it could be something related to the fact that i just gave birth. ppups maybe? (thankfully though, it doesn’t affect my whole body, so it can’t be ppups, can it?).

four days till i complete my confinement, and the day i’m free to roam about will be the day that i make a trip to the dermatologist’s.


baby truly loves his 2am to 10am wakey-time schedule, aaah! lets hope he eventually learns to differentiate day and night, and acquire the ability to sleep at the right time (with much perseverence by his mama & tokma while his mother trains him).


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