3am onwards

i’ve been having trouble getting good quality sleep throughout the night. no, not because of the late-student-sleeping-habit i’ve previously acquired, but (minus the frequent bathroom trips) it just gets really, extremely hot at night!

i’d find myself going to bed at about one or two in the morning, later on waking up about an hour or two after due to extreme heat and sweat, or a bathroom trip. if i’m lucky, i’d be able to go back to sleep. if not- qeue katy perry’s “i’m wide awake”.

then again it could probably be the anxiety build-up.

i’ve also been getting dreams about the labour possibilities that i’d encounter, and also about the articles on labour which i’ve been drowning myself in.

okay. need to have another bath at the mo. man, this cloudy weather really is something! *wipes sweat*

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