maybe it fits but it’s a tad bit.. nevermind


tell me which mother who doesn’t struggle to find the right-fitting clothes, during pregnancy.

don’t get me wrong. i love my pregnancy! i love being pregnant, i love seeing myself actually big at my stomach area (because my stomach’s the last area that’d bloat up. i usually start growing big at my thighs, then my arms, then cheeks, and the last place would eventually be my stomach), but coping with the growing baby’s a pretty big price to pay for (insert sweat-face here, literally) when it comes to looking publicly presentable.

so far i’ve bought around all in all ten new blouses/dresses altogether, and i’m still forcing myself into the very same dress i wore when i was only 5 months pregnant. alhamdulillah though, Allah had given me the opportunity to spend less, basically because my baby bump isn’t as huge as it “should“(?) be.

so to the mother-to-be’s out there, i can so relate.

i googled a few maternity shops to buy my dresses from and you know what i could conclude at the end of the day? there’s aint much maternity clothing stores selling presentable clothes. sigh (the cons of being picky about what you dress: no promising designs that tickles your fancy).

so to those of you who are a tad bit picky like i am, here’s where i got my clothes from:

  1. my sister’s maternity clothes. pass-ons! the best. thank goodness my sister loves to dress presentably, so i eventually got some jubahs (my raya jubah was her maternity jubah!) and dresses to wear thanks to her!
  2. h&m. i got myself pants from h&m, but of course, in sizes L and XL. in all honesty, they’re pretty comfortable. i’m just wondering where i’d be storing them after my baby’s out..
  3. uniqlo. i got two of those exaggerated big-ass blouses from uniqlo and good gosh are they comfortable as heck. i also got myself a slit-skirt from them sized M, and it still fits me perfectly!
  4. zara. for the lunches, casual dinners, meetings and whatnot. i got myself tops sized M and they already fit me throughout my whole pregnancy (yes, even in these final stages of my pregnancy!). i also got myself one stretchy-slacks from them, sized XL. i doubt i’d have trouble wearing it later after baby’s out because it seems to fit well at every stage of my pregnancy. hmm.
  5. zalora. those long dresses i wore during my UK trip were from zalora! ha ha. they only fit up till my seventh month of pregnancy though..

hope my list would help. i had trouble finding clothes that fit me comfortably and i know the pain of having to search for presentable clothes, but yeah, no harm clothes-hunting for a good-happy mommy at the end of the day!

so i’ve got a wedding tonight. what should i wear? this black baju kurung? this green long abaya that-actually-needs-to-be-trimmed? what if i slip?

nevermind. a plain white abaya from mekah should do.

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