kecut mengecut dan semakin membakar


i’m a first timer, when it comes to being pregnant.

i’ve definitely learned a lot throughout my whole pregnancy, and i could honestly say that i agree to most of what people have been telling/advising me. however, there’s one thing i absolutely do not agree on: makan for two.

yes yes, i know, different women, different pregnancies, different syndromes, but as much as i’d love to have three plates of rice topped with sufficiently-spiced fish curry along with a big-ass mug of sirap bandung, i really can’t.

not because i’m controlling what i eat, but because i simply belong to the Godknowshowmanypercent population of mommy-to-be’s who had been God-given with a small stomach capacity. as i’d mentioned before, i’m simply not a big eater!

you know what’s even sadder? i too, belong to the percentage of mommy-to-be’s who happen to suffer from heartburn.

i could share with you guys so many instances of my “i don’t makan banyak but i’m expected to makan banyak so i makan banyak and i end up dramatically feeling like i’m dying inside” moments during aidilfitri, but that would probably take three posts or so.

basically it would happen in such a sequence:

  1. mak buyung* walks into their house
  2. salam salam, “wow when are you due!” / “somebody looks healthy yea” (well.. alhamdulillah in a way)
  3. jemput duduk makan!
  4. “ha mak buyung makan lebih ya, anak lapar tu
  5. “ha tambah la mak buyung tambah
  6. mak buyung nak tambah kuah tak?” (this part, i would politely refuse with the intention of legit refusing, thinking to myself, “no no please no thank you i beg of you i’m super full already”) “ok kejap eh
  7. mak buyung ends up having to eat out of courtesy
  8. mak buyung balik rumah
  9. mak buyung tidur malam suffering from heartburn

*mak buyung: a common local malay term/nickname for women who are pregnant

heartburn really burns, just incase you didn’t know. it gives you the feeling of wanting to burp super hot air out, but when you try to burp it out, no air comes out. even worst, you feel the air all the way up to your throat, after a few attempts!

i’d be able to fall asleep soundly at night (thank goodness for my gift of ‘pejam celik pejam celik je zue dah tido‘ still retains during my pregnancy), but then wake up in hours intervals due to a burning sensation that i’d feel around my chest area.

so i’d either end up propping two to three pillows behind my back and just sit still, praying that the burning sensation would ease, or i’d have to get up for a drink or two, sit still for a minute or two, then attempt to fall alseep again.

which in most cases, i would be too lazy or sleepy to do the latter.

i’m not exaggerating things, really. and to think i’m not even working a 9 – 5 job! full respect to all the working mommies & mommy-to-be’s out there!

there are ways to overcome this heartburn apparently, but i’d like to think i could overpower it naturally without the assistance of any medicine (jk i’m just degil and lazy like that). fingers crossed, selisih malaikat empat puluh empat, i don’t encounter anything worst than heartburn in the coming weeks. eep!

till next time!

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