eggstravagantly travelling


two days before raya, my husband and i went back to kedah. as usual, ag isn’t really the type to drive during the day (he’s very well much more alert at night) so there was one problem- sahur. in the midst of the balik-kampung crowd? stopping at the rnr would’ve been a really bad idea.

so i packed us some food for us to eat in the car!

as seen in the above picture, i basically packed us egg+celery sandwiches and also prawn aglio olio. the egg+celery sandwich is pretty easy to make. all you need are:

eggs, amount depending on how many pieces you’d like to make
celery, diced
a tinsy bit of mayonaise
and black pepper!

boil the eggs and peel off all the skin, mash all the ingredients up in one bowl, and leave it in the fridge for one hour. when it’s done, take it out of the fridge. spread butter onto two slices of bread (any bread will do, fine grain or wheat, whatevs). then, sandwich the mashed ingredients between your two slices of bread. cut them into little diamonds. viola! you’re done 🙂

didn’t have time to take a photo of the prawn aglio olio though as i pretty much rushed when it came to that one, but one tip- make sure you don’t rush when it comes to salting the water for your spaghetti; i think i had too many things in my head (from packing which baju raya that actually fits, to whether or not sifoo had her dinner yet) that i actually salted my spaghetti too much, the aglio olio came out tasting a wee bit on the sea-side. sigh.

thank goodness ag finished everything anyway.

anywho. to those of you working, have a good working week ahead! hope you guys had/are still having, a good raya 🙂

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