selamat hari raya, kedah


i had a beautiful time, spending my first raya ever away from my own family. this time, i spent my first raya with my new family! of course, it felt really different waking up in the morning to something really unpredictable – not knowing how the sequence would be for a new family, how their timing would be and whose houses we would visit; but for this being a first, everything went really smoothly alhamdulillah.

it didn’t entirely feel foreign because it was just like the old days- going back to kedah, but this time instead of changlun, to alor setar instead. to all the first-timers/newly weds too or you girls who haven’t gotten married yet, it’s fine to feel anxious, scared and to miss your family dearly, on the first day of raya. it’s normal. it’s actually pretty human, but you’ll adapt to it in no time. every new experience is always a blissful experience.

praying for the best, hoping that next year we’ll get to have a healthy, new addition into this family photo 🙂

ps: this year is ag’s first year of not wearing white, and wearing something themed. i’m a happy wife, in that context. yay!

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