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maybe my pregnancy’s intensifying my emotions towards the little petty things that i hear everyday, but i heard one thing today that really turned everything over.

i was in qeue at an art store nearby, and in front of me stood a couple, paying for their items. the cashier was a malay girl who had a friend with her, and the friend called me over after the couple in front of me completed their purchase.

“mamat tu, kalau potong rambut pendek handsome gila, ni rambut panjang hodoh, buruk nak mampos kot?”

i literally widened my eyes in disgust.

see. it’s fine if you want to say what you feel about a person’s physique. you’re entitled to your own opinion, yes, but not to say things that degrades him just because you think so.

it’s fine if she’d said it in another manner. she could’ve said something along the lines of, “mamat tu kalau potong rambut pendek, handsome gila. tapi maybe dia suka rambut panjang nak buat macam mana, kan. tapi serious, kalau rambut pendek, mesti lagi handsome”. something that doesn’t ‘criticize’ a person’s physique.

i was thinking to myself, what if someone spoke of ill things about you?

what if somebody said, “cashier tadi tu pakai tudung bawal macam tu, buruk gila kan? dia patut pakai shawl,” or, “cashier tadi tu pakai tshirt besar gila kot, kalau dia pakai kecik sikit dah ngam dah,”. wouldn’t you be defensive of your preference, and wouldn’t such words hurt you?

so thought of the day would be: sometimes we really don’t think, before we say. perhaps we think it’s some form of expression, towards the people we’re comfortable with, but maybe we should think twice incase what we’re saying is actually something really mean to some people. it may not hurt you, or the people around you who heard it, but it would at least hurt the person you’re talking about if they’d heard it.

therefore, we should always remember to think before we state our opinion about another person. be it directly towards them, or even to another person without their knowledge.

God’s always watching, and the angels are endlessly counting.

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