#agzueberjalan day 4 | part one: greenwich isn’t pronounced like how sandwich is

truth be told, i used to hate geography.

it wasn’t just because it was dull and slow, it was also because the teacher who’d taught us made it seem as if all there ever is in this world are ‘tanjung’s and ‘batu tunggul’s. she would go on and on about how many different types of paya‘s (swamps) there are in this world and in various locations, but we’d never really have a legit visual of how they all looked like.

maybe y’all other people who loved geography would’ve appreciated the slightest visuals that they used to provide in text books back in the days, but as a visually-intrigued student, i didn’t find geography anywhere close to interesting.

until came the topic of coordinates.

i loved understanding where the longitud and latitude of a country (or specific location) was! i just absolutely disliked the calculations (eg: count the distance between blablabla and blablabla) and that was only because i feel like i’m placed in a ‘asasi memandu‘ class everytime ‘mathematics‘ commences.

coming to greenwich and actually touring the royal observatory made me learn a lot about how time came to be, and how we managed to come to a general conclusion about how time should be measured, globally. the things our scientists did throughout all their lives, just to leave such a huge impact on us today.

truly, amazing.

on a side note, the park in greenwich is hella windy and cold. be sure to be prepared, if you’re planning for a visit or for a day to just chill and lay on the grass.

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