#agzueberjalan | day 3: lepak

day 3 was super chill, i felt like we were actually dreaming throughout the whole day. it was fun, yes, but i guess we were just really tired from brighton the day before, that we were really laidback the next day.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 7.18.54 AM

note that the ice cream doesn’t taste as good as how the ones in japan do, or maybe i just got myself an ice cream that tasted a bit too.. masam? why? i don’t know? doubt they put any alcohol in it because the person selling it looked muslim enough.

i have an issue with the tower of london. i don’t like it, not because of how it looks like but because i made memories which now seem to be part of a huge nightmare. ag knows that, but we promised to overwrite all the nightmares i had and it seems to be working well enough.

i love you b.

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