para graduan sekalian


back then, i used to think it wasn’t impossible to attain a degree, but i never thought it would be as difficult as how it had went on to be.

quite a sum of people are under the assumption that private universities are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, that it basically only requires money to pass and eventually graduate. truth is, it’s all about your hard work.

you can have all the money in the world and get yourself into a private university, still finding yourself struggling with all the subjects if you don’t persevere.

when i was seventeen, i never thought of the exact university or path i’d take. i’ve got a few friends who when i asked of their ‘career path’, they’d be telling me their story of how they signed up for talks and campus tours at their desired universities, be it public or private. yours truly on the other hand, had no idea what she should actually be doing.

i did sciences back then, and i had a strong passion for biology. i honestly wanted to pursue medicine and become a doctor, which is why i signed up for all the foundation-in-science courses they offered in public universities, but luck wasn’t on my side and my name was apparently enrolled into a form six pure-science course instead. that was when i’d decided that- no way, was i going to do stpm.

i knew myself too well. i wouldn’t focus long-term, with all the distractions i had even at that point of time- music, singing, arts and whatnot. i mean. i know the existence of medical students who are pursuing their musical careers like hanie and wany hasrita, but i know deep down inside i’d never have the patience to go through five to seven years of degree just to become a full-fledged doctor.

i wanted to do law too. not only because i found myself intrigued, but because we have law books everywhere in the house! old and new. however, i’ve got no interest in the politics of lawyers (regardless of what type of lawyers i would’ve had as colleagues). all i could say is- personal preference.


initially, i had doubts when i signed up for design. it was horrifying for me, actually- the first day of class. honestly speaking, before i went to taylors, i never really became as much of a friendly person and as positive as how i turned out to be. the first day, i expected a lot of judging coming from other students but you know what, so many of the lit up day by day!

it was tough finding the right circle of friends of course, and we all had to go through trials and errors to eventually find the circle we’re always comfortable to be around, to eat with, and to even have overnights with. the lecturers? always thought of them as highschool teachers, just more lenient when it comes to personal matters, and not as naggy. alhamdulillah, i was blessed with lecturers who may be pain in the arse when it comes to work at times (yes i know, they have their reasons) and most importantly, with a mother who goes all-out every single time i start failing to hide my struggles from her sight. she sends me to class almost every day basically because we live super near (and i think she’s just being the loving mother that she is, that way), and i could never have gone so far without both my parents’ and siblings’ continuous support, in all ways. much love for the them really ♥︎

with this, i can proudly hold the degree certificate in my hand and scream, “i did it”.

ok not really because now i gotta work my whole life ehe.

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