she smells like fish



sifoo – 1709 hours 010417

i’ve always wanted a pet cat. all my life, i’ve grown up with my neighbour’s kitties coming over to our house to hang out and chill, run around our garden and poop on our grass. growing up though, i changed my mind. i didn’t want kitties because i didn’t want to have my house filled with their poops.

until i found out that cats could obviously be trained to poop in litterboxes, and that they’re actually so clean to the extent that rasulullah s.a.w had claimed that the water they drink from can be used for ablution.

so growing up hating and fearing cats, i came to love my new cat not only because she’s old, fat, cute, and makes the most adorable squeezable meows i’ve ever heard, but because its been proven that she could actually sense sadness.

once i was so sad that ag had to come back late due to work, i cried. blame the hormones (and the fact that i’m clingy) but that was when sifoo climbed on me, purred so intensely and headbunted me twice before she licked my cheeks and ended up purring herself to sleep on me.

now i feel so grateful to have been blessed with a pet cat, and i’d never trade her in for anything else.

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